INSTINCT SIGN Element: water. Quest: security.

This sign, associated with summer holidays, relates to the emotional and family spheres. Cancer women have a strong maternal and protective instinct. Her patriotism, sensitivity and attachment to tradition make her loyal and devoted. Calm, discreet and highly intuitive, she often internalises her emotions and needs to feel secure.

Find your ZODIAQUE CANCER necklace with its unique pendant and add the leather of your choice!


Our Zodiac necklaces are unique! As well as choosing the zodiac sign to wear on the necklace's pendant, each wearer can add an interchangeable leather strap in a reversible colour. Pavé lines, zirconium oxides, striated material effects and small metal beads make up each pendant in the brand new 20mm format. Crafted like a talisman, each piece of jewellery is presented here with leather in bright shades of yellow or blue. You can choose the colour of your choice. Astrology is a great source of inspiration for fashion and jewellery designers. Our collection is dedicated to this mystical universe, offering a wealth of symbolism and magic.