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This summer’s most vibrant collection!

Make way for punchy colors and a summer filled with fun and sunshine! Our new Bananas and Limonade designs add a fruity touch to our bracelet collection, starting the summer off with their fresh look. These unique and quirky jewelry pieces feature delicate patterns and figurative motifs, which are sure to make you smile.

You were waiting for them for so long… And now they’re back! Rediscover your treasured Les Cumulables pieces: a collection of fine and delicate jewelry pieces, to be mixed and matched with our iconic bracelet and ring collections. This summer’s it-girl? It can only be YOU! 

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Shop the feed

Unleash your creative side with #LesGeorgettesLovers! Lacking inspiration or maybe just can’t decide? We’ve got you! Share your prettiest photos on Instagram and add the hashtag #LesGeorgettesLovers to your posts. And then maybe, just maybe, with a sprinkle of Les Georgettes magic, your posts will appear here for you and others to enjoy! ðŸ˜‰

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With Les Georgettes, let your imagination run wild! You can create a jewelry set to match your style, which can then be changed to suit your mood...



More than a century of French savoir-faire.

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