- Jewelry meets leather -


Our very first collection, Les Essentielles started off with our customizable bracelets that became so iconic: Girafe, Perroquet or even Ibiza soon became essential parts of the Les Georgettes lingo.


Because variety is the spice of life, these bracelets are available in a multitude of different designs, in four widths and three sizes.


The designs you love the most are adapted to different formats, including our collection of rings, necklaces, chain bracelets, earrings or even decorative plaques for your Bijou Bags. There’s something for everyone!

Our most-popular designs

Our values

Our Expertise

From our design studio in Paris to our manufacturing workshops, our different teams in France work meticulously to create our different jewelry pieces. In the Ardèche region of South-East France, our Altesse workshops employ experts who are passionate about their craft, and whose exceptional expertise has been passed down from one generation to the next for more than a century.

Our Breton Leathers

Les Georgettes is the creation of Maison Altesse and Texier, the renowned leather goods manufacturer, based in Brittany. From meticulously choosing their materials, to leather work and ensuring quality finishes, Texier has been upholding their values of authenticity and quality for more than 60 years.