PURE perfection!

Let’s explore our new Patterned Leather Inserts and Pure design in a little more detail. You’ll soon see, they go so well together… 

Patterns and colours as far as the eye can see!

Tada! Here they are, our famous Patterned Leather Inserts!
Inspired by our most iconic jewelry designs and this season’s Jungle Graphic theme,
choose and change the color and pattern of YOUR jewelry with these exotic reversible inserts.

Feeling majestic? Our Peacock patterned insert is made for natural show offs, with a
touch of pop!  
Spread your wings and fly with our Parrot patterned insert, or dive to the
depths of the ocean with its reverse Mermaid Pink side: two worlds to discover in just
one piece. 
Wanting to break free and show who is the boss today? Leopard is just what you need! Paired with a Sun colored side,
this leather insert is perfect for dazzling those around you! And if you’re in a really cheerful
mood, our Giraffe insert is an elegant and chic surprise for the eyes. 

Our patterned leather inserts go perfectly with our new Pure design, available in bracelet
form or as a decorative plaque for your customizable Bijou Bag and Bijou Belt. 

Looking for a super personalized watch? Unleash your creative side by combining these
new patterned inserts with our Structure bracelet from our Les Coutures collection. 

And for those of you who love to sparkle, create your unique jewelry piece with our Barrette design from our Les Précieuses collection.  

So, which patterned leather insert will be your new favorite?