Be bold, be unique, be YOU !

Here at Les Georgettes, we have a little saying: the bolder, the better!
And it was with this in mind that we created our new collection, Les Audacieuses.
Dare to be bold, show off your unique style and say YES to adventure… that’s what we’re all about!

Let us tell you a little story
about our Les Audacieuses collection…
It all began in our Paris design studio,
where Plumage and Monstera came to life.
These two new designs feature
delicate curves and exotic patterns,
daring you to step outside of
the lines more than ever before!

So what’s the deal with Les Audacieuses?
A simple yet original idea, these pieces
have been especially made to be worn
with or without leather inserts… you decide!

Plumage takes its inspiration from
the subtle majesty of exotic birds,
featuring delicate lines inspired
by their soft feathers.
As for Monstera, this design is
modeled on the tropical leaves
of its namesake, with a larger-than-life
pattern providing a refreshing
touch to your looks.

Now that you know everything about them, all that’s left is to add them to your collection, right? Let’s go!

You’ll find these two designs on your wrists all summer long, by choosing between our small or medium model bracelets.
And because everyone knows that too much is never enough, add a leather insert that is one width bigger
than your bracelet for a statement look 😉 It’s your jewelry creation, so you choose!
And, one last thing… drum roll, please… Monstera is also available in necklace and earring format!
Wear them as a matching set with your bracelet to make your outfit really stand out from the crowd.

Now it’s our turn to discover your pretty jewelry creations. Share yours with us by adding the hashtag #LesGeorgettesLovers to your beautiful photos on Instagram!