Welcome to our dream-like jungle…

Having braved the wildest felines and admired the most beautiful tropical birds,
let’s take some time to travel deeper into the jungle. A world filled with exotic plants,
pretty flowers and a touch of romance: everything that you’re looking for is right here!

Let’s explore together the new pieces from our second instalment this season: Exotic Jungle.
This collection is filled with soft, warm colors, perfect for Spring. And of course, a touch of something wild, to complete your jungle-themed looks!

This season, if you don’t find your “perfect bracelet”, you haven’t been looking very hard ;)
Our latest addition to our Les Précieuses collection will truly dazzle you!
Our new Paon bracelet is set by hand with cubic zirconia, featuring a delicate pattern that will light up your different looks.

Will you be adding it to your collection?

And speaking of our Les Précieuses
collection, you’ll love seeing some of
your favorite designs in new formats…
we know you’ve been waiting SO long
for them! 
With our Fontaine design now
available as a ring and our Courbe
design adapted to necklace pendant,
earring and chain bracelet form,
these little treasures are just waiting
to be added to your ever-expanding
collection of treasures.

Breaking news: for smaller or larger
wrists, your favorite Les Précieuses

designs are now available in our
Les Miss Georgettes and + size
collection. Whatever your size,
unleash your inner sparkle!

To top it all off, complete your favourite bracelets with our patterned
leather inserts inspired by the plant world. Each patterned insert is paired with a unified block of color,
so you can change your bracelet’s look in the blink of an eye… front or back, you decide!

It’s time to give in to temptation,
with our Grande Absolue watch case
joining our collection… and perhaps yours
as well ;). 
Clip onto your choice of
leather watch strap or a Les Coutures
bracelet combined with your favorite
patterned leather insert, to create your
stylish yet elegant accessory.

Oh, how we love our new round rings!
These little wonders are the apple
of our eye right now, with our popular
Girafe, Ibiza and Perroquet designs
the first to try out this new look.
Psst… Their fluid-perspex inserts come
in same colors as our classic rings,
just the size and format change!

Our leather goods family is growing!

The latest arrival to our Dentelle Bag
collection is here and we just
know you’re going to love it…
meet Le Rectangle. Available in
three colors, this accessory will soon
be your new everyday go-to!

And to customize your handbags
to match your springtime looks, two
new colorful and glittering bag
linings are joining our collection:
say hello to Grenadine and Pink Glitter.

Don’t forget to share your new season creations on Instagram with the hashtag #LesGeorgettesLovers.
We can’t wait to see them!