Make it shine!

Keep your Les Georgettes jewellery pieces shining like new by following our best tips for pampering them.

Our golden rules

Take care to put your jewellery on after getting dolled up in the morning, just before stepping out of the door and take them off once you get home. When wearing your jewellery pieces, avoid any shocks or impacts which could dim their sparkle.

Like all jewellery pieces, your Les Georgettes treasures don’t like water (showers, baths, seas, swimming pools). Also, keep them away from any cleaning, cosmetic or chemical products… your Georgettes are already perfect, so tidy them away while you’re getting ready or doing a spot of spring cleaning.

Storing your jewellery

Just follow our three simple steps:

  1. Remove your leather or fluid-perspex inserts from your jewellery
  2. Place your jewellery in the individual gift boxes your pieces came in
  3. Store your jewellery pieces and leather or fluid-perspex inserts in a dry, shady place.

Cleaning your jewellery

You can keep your pieces sparkling by polishing your jewellery with a soft, dry cloth or tissue. You can also mix together a solution of tepid soapy water (pH neutral) to gently clean your jewellery with the help of a soft-bristled brush. This way, you can get rid of small marks without damaging your little wonders!

And what about your leather inserts?

Your interchangeable leather inserts can be gently cleaned with leather cleansing milk and a soft-bristled brush. You can then polish them with the help of a soft, dry cloth or tissue.