And here it is, the most customisable of all our collections… With Les Coutures, creativity is on the cards! This collection includes bracelets, watches and decorative bag plaques, all completely customisable. If you’re needing a unique piece for a special occasion, or just looking to add a touch of glamour to your wardrobe, there’s a Les Coutures jewellery piece just waiting to be created by you.


Want to create your Les Coutures bracelet? Choose your bracelet design and width, add an interchangeable clip (made from lacquer, resin, adorned with Swarovski crystals or set with cubic zirconia) and finish your creation by adding your favourite coloured leather insert. In just a few seconds, you can create the jewellery piece of your dreams.


Tick-tock, jewellery meets watch! Clip your watch case onto your leather watch strap to create your customisable watch. Made from stainless steel and mineral glass, these watch cases are available in three forms: L’absolue square, L’absolue round and La grande absolue. They work with Quartz movement and come in silver, gold and rose gold finishes. And for a really chic look, discover our Les Précieuses watch cases, set with cubic zirconia.

With Les Georgettes, anything is possible, right? Our watch cases can also be clipped onto our Les Coutures bracelets… The perfect combination mixing the glamour of statement bracelets and the classic look of watches. It’s the fashion accessory your jewellery box has been waiting for! Change your watch case, bracelet and reversible leather insert to create your own personalised jewellery pieces, time and time again.

Psst…Our Les Coutures collection also includes decorative plaques for your favourite Bijou Bags. Personalise your accessory to match your style with interchangeable clips and coloured leather inserts.

We already know you’re going to fall in love 😉