The season begins in the heart of the wooded mountains, inspired by the abstract textures and patterns of trees, vegetation and birds.
Join us where nature comes alive and let yourself be inspired by the sweet scent of wood, the whistling wind and the melodies of birdsong.

All of your senses will be awakened in the midst of this natural environment, bursting with life!


The beauty of the trees
is revealed through this
Ecorces design, inspired by
the delicate and organic
curves of the plant world.
Join us for a stroll through
the forest, as we gaze at the
patterns of tree barks, bursting
with history. And do you know
the best part? Ecorces is
available as a bracelet, earrings,
necklace pendant and ring!


Are you a morning or night person?
If you think of yourself as more
of a night owl, our Hiboux
jewellery is perfect for you!


Reach new heights with our
customisable Cime bracelet.
The graphic design is reminiscent
of mountains, of altitude, and
will make you take a big breath
of fresh air. With this piece, you'll
climb to new heights!


Head in the clouds...
and that’s not all!
At Les Georgettes, we want
fluffy clouds everywhere,
including on our wrists!
With Cumulus, you can
forget the grey skies and
customise clouds with endless
possibilities thanks to our
colourful leathers. We guarantee
you'll be on cloud nine
with this new arrival!

Arbre de Vie

A true ode to nature, our
Arbre de Vie design represents
the power of nature and the
renewal of spring. Like nature,
transformed every time, it
appears in its full finery.
This luxurious piece is adorned
with cubic zirconium crystals.
You won't be able to resist...


Our Leather Inserts

Moss, flowers, mountains...
Our patterned leathers are
inspired by the nature
that surrounds us. With 
Moss/Antique Pink, or
Cubic Bronze/White Peach,
it is nature in its purest form. 😉

Our favourites? We love
Mushroom/Denim and
Mountain/Nude as they
are sure to add that
Les Georgettes flair to your outfit!

And since we love patterns AND colour, our range of interchangeable leathers also includes plain coloured inserts in natural shades.
We're sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for to personalise your jewellery!

Will you come with us for this walk into the heart of the forest?
We're waiting for you all! ❤

To discover all of these amazing new things,