Looking for a love potion?

For the final stage of our epic journey to the heart of Mystical Egypt, we're taking you to a mysterious, passionate, eternal universe… of love!
This bewitching, modern and magical love potion concludes this season's journey with a game of "you & me" woven together. 
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Our Osiris bracelet named after the
mythical king of ancient Egypt (that alone!)
This bracelet is inspired by love: the game
of seduction, intertwining, infinite...
Quite a symbol for a wonderful
personalised gift, designed in Paris!


Through its interwoven style,
the Mehen customisable bracelet
becomes mysterious and bewitching... 
Its name refers to the serpent god,
protector of the sacred boat in Egyptian
mythology. A true talisman of love!
And as love has no end, Mehen is also
available as a ring. Well, well... ;)

Our Leather Inserts

You know, we love adding glitter to your life!
And what better season to do just that than
Valentine's Day? Our vivid Carnelian/Bright Coral leather
will warm-up your winter accessories AND your heart.
For personalised jewellery in bright colours!


Our Patterned Leather Inserts

Speaking of hearts, let yours fall for our
Heart Snake/Carmine patterned leather.
This Valentine's Day, life is not about roses...
But it is red! Passionate, seductive, carmine red.
Give in to the charms of our Brick/Reptile or
Cheetah/Black Glitter leathers too... They're divine! 


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