Meet our Les Georgettes Girls!

Let's celebrate our Les Georgettes girls!

This International Women’s Day discover the women behind the Les Georgettes brand.
Unique women, each with their own personality, hopes and dreams… passionate and vibrant women!


What is your greatest pride in life?
I love what I do and I know it's really rare to do what you truly love. I used to work in beauty care and now I work in jewellery. It's true that I've always had this connection with women, to be able to take care of them, to make them more and more beautiful... And in my personal life, I raised my son on my own and to see him happy today makes me very proud!

What is your favourite Les Georgettes piece or your favourite piece of jewellery?
 Ah, well that's complicated because I like them all! But I do have a bit of a soft spot for ones with stones (Les Précieuses).

Can you describe the Les Georgettes woman in one word?
Elegant, but at the same time fashionable. Just like with clothes, you can change the colour of the leather according to your outfit, so I think that really adds a lot.

"It's true that I admire a lot of women, but for me,
 the feminine ideal is to love yourself."

What do you enjoy the most about your job?
I would say that it is developing products that have a meaning — it's important for me that there is an ethical value, such as the fact that it is jewellery made in France, with prestigious know-how. But besides that, making women happy. We always put our customers at the heart of our discussions in order to offer them innovative jewellery, to reinvent ourselves every season, but also to offer them new designs, new materials, always with the aim of making them happy!

If you had to tell your best anecdote, it would be...
We regularly organise consumer panels and during these panels, we meet our clients who are fans of the brand. So, one day I met a woman who was covered with Les Georgettes from head to toe, I had never seen so much jewellery on a woman before! She had rings on each finger, three necklaces around her neck, lots of bracelets, and it all went together perfectly, even with her outfit. She was just amazing, she looked so good, she was elegant and totally embraced her 'full Les Georgettes' side!


What does the Les Georgettes brand represent for you?
The first thing I'd like to say is... thanks to the arrival of Les Georgettes, we've made it, we've advanced and we've been able to continue working.
But it's also the fact that when I'm dressed casually, I can wear a bracelet with lots of colour. When I go to a party, it's the same thing, I can put on a bracelet set with stones, with a clip etc... Les Georgettes pieces go with everything.

If you could describe the Les Georgettes woman in one word, what would it be?
For me there are many, there's the casual woman, the sophisticated woman, the woman who likes to match her clothes with her jewellery. She's everyone and anyone!

What motivates you to come to work?
What motivates me the most is not knowing what is going to happen that day, with all the countries I am in contact with, with the different challenges, the questions we have. I never know what my to-do list will look like that day. What awaits me is always a very flexible day, full of unexpected things, and I love that!

What are you proud of?
 In a world under the influence of social networks, peer pressure and other things, I'm proud of staying true to my values, knowing how to surround myself with the right people and following my dreams.

"Describe the Les Georgettes woman in one word? Girl power!" 

Is there anything that thrills you in your profession?
What thrills me is living and working in the Ardèche region [in South-East France]. But it's also working with my colleagues and seeing what's new all year round.

In life, are there women who inspire you?
Yes! I really like Romy Schneider, because I think I watched the Sissi films she was in a lot like most people my age I guess! She's a woman who actually represented women well. And my little girl's name is Romy too, so that's probably why...!

Do you have one word to describe the Les Georgettes woman?
For me, it would be 'beautiful'. She's wearing Les Georgettes so she's beautiful!

Be free to be the woman that you are!