City Chica

City Chica

And also a bit Wonderwoman !


You’re always super busy and love living
life in the fast lane! Keep busy and carry
on is your motto. You’re always on-the-go,
looking for a thousand and one different
treasures to tick off your list. Rather than
playing it safe with plain outfits, you love
adding a touch of colour to your looks
to really make you stand out. If you
always have energy to spare and elegant
fashion is your thing, discover our pieces
especially for City Chicas, soon to
becomeyour next go-to accessories.




Your selection of treasures

Pure Bracelet 40 mm, Gold Finish, Leopard / Sun

Ibiza Small Hoop 43 mm, Earrings, Gold Finish, Blush / Bronze

Papillon Ring 12 mm, Gold Finish, Crimson / Shell

Balade Bracelet 25 mm, Gold Finish, Sun / Navy Blue

Ready to create your own style ?




Share your creations on Instagram with the hashtag #LesGeorgettesLovers.

We can’t wait to see them !