Rocker Roller

Rocker Roller

You’re not scared of anything !


Rules are made to be broken! Mixing different
textures and colours is how you express yourself.
You’re not scared of anything, you’re like a real-life
whirlwind. Just a little too much, your big heart is
what keeps you grounded. You’re a rocker
through-and-through and your jewellery pieces
reflect this side of your personality. 




Your selection of treasures

Nénuphar Bracelet 40 mm, Gold Finish, Soft Raspberry / Multicoloured Glitter

Solaire Sleeper 16 mm earrings, Gold Finish, Blush / Bronze

Pavillon Ring 12 mm, Silver Finish, Bottle Green / Patent Grey

Pure Bracelet 40 mm, Silver Finish, Rythm / Cornflower

Ready to create your own style ?




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We can’t wait to see them !