Hopeless Romantic

Hopeless Romantic

Lovey-dovey, without any fuss !


Spontaneous is your middle name! You like
the simple things in life, without any fuss.
With you, everything is done oh-so delicately!
A true poet at heart, your sweet character is
just one of the things that you’re known for.
And that’s why we love you so much!
You love to wear jewellery in soft
colours and pastel shades.    




Your selection of treasures

Pure Bracelet 40 mm, Silver Finish, Water Lily / Light Pink

Ibiza Small Hoop 30 mm, Earrings, Silver Finish, Cream / Gold Glitter

Bandeau Ring 12 mm, Rose Gold Finish, Cream / Gold Glitter

Maât Bracelet 8 mm, Gold Finish, Sand / Rosewood

Ready to create your own style ?




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