The winds of freedom...

Let's continue our walk in the heart of the floral and bucolic Ardèche region.
The sun is shining and nature is coming alive with bright colours.
Drift away on the delicate scents and sparkling colours of spring!


In the meadows, Bleuet is blooming
with a feminine design enhanced
by delicate engravings. And as
flowers never grow alone, this
design inspired by the cornflower,
is available as a set. Jewellery you
can personalise as you please!


Petals work their way into our
Corolle pattern like a spring dance.
This is a delicate and slender
bracelet that you will adore.
Prepare to fall in love...


In a burst of poetry, the butterfly’s
gentle touch delicately enhances
this Ephémère design. Take flight
for a bold spring!

Pure Rayonnante

A real ray of sunshine on your wrist!
The Pure Rayonnante customisable
bracelet will provide your daily dose of
vitamin D. Its delicate engravings are
inspired by the hearts of flowers.
Ooh la la!


The Coquelicot bracelet will transport
you to flower-filled fields.
Close your eyes and feel you're there,
as the gentle breeze streams through
the delicate poppies. Now open
your eyes: the moment is captured
forever on your bracelet and your ring.
You'll love it!

Les Coutures 

Take flight with our new Envol bracelet. The original design evokes the
symmetry of a butterfly's wings. So...why not spread your wings?
And let's not forget the Passiflore clip!

Leather inserts

This season, our leather inserts are in shades and patterns inspired by sun-drenched flowers...
An explosion of colour for spring! Colour comes in bright shades and floral motifs
like Multicoloured Flowers/Apricot, Dandelion/Sun and Wildflower/Nimbus.
Which leathers will you use to personalise your jewellery?

To proudly show the best spring has to offer...