Down by the riverside

A real breath of fresh air!

It’s summertime, dragonflies are darting around, time is passing slowly by…
A gentle walk along the river, bringing designs inspired by insects and
the movement of the water flowing through the valleys.
Allow yourself to be tempted by our range of customisable jewellery offering
a strong sense of summer and regained freedom…

Luciole and Libellule

The lightness of the Luciole and
the Libellule in the form of
elegant, delicate jewellery.

Luminous like the firefly and ethereal
like the dragonfly, assert your style
with these bracelets!


With its graphical lines, the
Canoë bracelet, inspires you
to sail languidly along the water.
Off we go for a trip on the river!
Are you coming with us?


Our Pure bracelet goes perfectly
with our patterned leather inserts
inspired by the movements of water.
It makes you feel like diving in head-first!


The Plumes jewellery set,
inspired by the birds of our
rivers, is both light and sensual.

Earrings, bracelets,
necklaces, rings…
Make nature all your own!

Leather inserts in cool, fresh colours

A touch of coolness, flowing water, peacefulness… Inspired by the world of plants and rivers,
our Aqua/Pollen, Groove/White and Scales/Pastel Pink leather inserts will transport your mood
and thoughts. It’s set to be a refreshing and revitalising summer!

So, which leather inserts will you use to personalise YOUR jewellery?