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We use cookies to track the actions of users on our website You cannot be identified based on the information collected by these cookies, but they do help us analyse how our website is used and improve your experience when visiting it. 

When you visit our website, we will install various cookies on your computer, provided you give us permission to do this. These are: 

Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for the website to work properly and should not be disabled. They may only be disabled by changing your browser settings. These cookies only include those which allow the basic functions and security features of the website to work. They do not store any personal data.

Third-party cookies

These include analytics, advertising and social media cookies. 

Our website currently uses the following third-party cookies: 

  • Statistics/analytics cookies: these help us improve our website by collecting and analysing information on user behaviour. 
  • Advertising cookies: these allow advertisements that are relevant to your interests to be displayed. 
  • Cart abandonment cookies: these allow us to remind you that you have items in your basket.   
  • Visual content cookies: these allow us to display content based on your browsing history on our website. 

You may disable cookies in your browser settings. Please note that disabling a cookie may prevent you from or result in you having difficulty browsing our website or accessing the services it offers. 
The information stored by cookies on your computer will not be kept for any longer than strictly necessary for the purposes detailed above. In any case, cookies remain active for a maximum of thirteen months.