#WeAreGeorgettes Liberty, Creativity, Femininity

Les Georgettes are the jewellery pieces that we create.
Creations that you can personalise to match your mood.
Les Georgettes are also (and above all else) women.
Women who speak their mind,they prefer getting things wrong over staying quiet.
Women who are brave, sensitive, spontaneous, joyful and creative.
Women who like colour, change and sharing their joy of living with the world.
Women who like their freedom of thought and of movement.
Women who inspire us each and every day!
And you, are you a Georgette? Join us and proudly shout our motto: Liberty, Creativity, Femininity

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With Les Georgettes, let your imagination run wild! You can create a jewellery set to match your style, which can then be changed to suit your mood...



More than a century of French savoir-faire.

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We're going to let you in on a really cool story.

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Unleash your creative side with #WeAreGeorgettes! Lacking inspiration or maybe just can’t decide? We’ve got you!

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