ALONG THE RIVER NILE Show your true colours

Ready to journey into the heart of Egypt?

Imagine you’re watching a warm and gentle sunset on the banks of the Nile near oases, pyramids and desert. While the vegetation is lush and colourful, the wildlife comes alive in protective talisman form. Enjoy warm colours and bright shades...for an Indian summer with an Egyptian touch!

Three new cuffs begin the mystical Egypt season: Fleurs du Nil, Amulette and Talisman. And because we know you just love a good jewellery set, there are also Fleurs du Nil and Talisman rings available. The much-adored Pure comes in a hammered version for an authentic effect. Add in our warm-toned patterned leathers...and the Egyptian scene is set.

Our watches are on Egyptian time, with mother-of-pearl dials, mesh or engraved straps and leather inspired by gilding and ornamentation.

So long, Cleopatra: we’re the queens now!

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