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19 sept.

Our Favorite Design of the Moment - Perroquet

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Discover the Les Georgettes animal world with our favorite design of the moment: Perroquet.

Imagine yourself in the heart of the Amazon rainforest, amongst the lush vegetation, surrounded by birds of paradise with their beautiful feathers…Perroquet is one of the brand’s most iconic designs and is inspired by the flamboyant style of the tropics.

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6 sept.

Fall 2018 Collection: New Les Essentielles

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Today, we’re officially bidding summer à bientot and welcoming September with open arms as we step into the new season with our Fall/Winter 2018 Les Essentielles Collection launch.

Our design team has been working hard to bring a whole range of new additions to our best-selling core collection; with new bracelet, ring, necklace and earring designs, as well as a selection of new interchangeable colors, you’ll be totally spoiled for choice!

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27 juil.

Style Diaries: Add a touch of color to your look with Les Couleurs!

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The sun is shining in the clear blue sky… summer is finally here! You’re no doubt daydreaming about lying on a sandy beach, shaded from the heat by palm trees, awaiting your summer vacation. While you wait, take a breath of fresh air and let yourself be inspired by looks from those who have already fallen head over heels for this summer’s hottest accessory; Les Couleurs!

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2 juil.

Wedding Season: Our Top Picks

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Wedding season is officially here! The big day is fast approaching when your best friend, sister or cousin will be walking down the aisle, when you’ll be there watching them say “I do”.

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19 juin

Summer 2018 Collection: Les Couleurs

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Everybody already knows that Les Georgettes and color go hand-in-hand. This summer, we’re adding even more color to our outfits with our lacquer bracelets:  Les Couleurs.

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