The concept

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    Discover Your Inner Designer

    Les Georgettes™.  An innovative French concept featuring fine metalwork jewelry inset with vibrant reversible – and interchangeable - leather bands. 

    Create your own collection of personalized Georgettes™ – a seductive coupling of leather and fine metal.  In just a few seconds you can customize any of our bracelets to suit your mood.

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    Choose your design

    Wild and bold, our designs are inspired by the spirit of the jungle.   Zèbre or Girafe, Panthère or Perroquet, Poisson or Crocodile ?  Whatever your fancy, there is a Georgette™ for you!    

    And if you change your mind tomorrow, just change your Georgette™.

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    Choose your finish

    You can opt for silver, yellow gold, pink gold or ruthenium.  The choice is yours. 

    Or go for our plain metal pieces with a discreet satin finish. 

    With eight finishes at your fingertips, it has never been easier to accentuate your look! 

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    Choose your leather

    Available in a range of the latest shades, our leather bands have a different color on each side and can be worn either way round.   

    Changing one band for another is a breeze.  Just clip and unclip the leather band - et voilà!  Your Georgette™ matches your look.

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    Many colors. Many designs. One bracelet.

    Quick, easy and fun :  Over to you!

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