Mustard Yellow Suede La Besace Bijou Bag

Silver Resille decorative band

Mustard Yellow Suede La Besace Bijou Bag, Silver Resille decorative band

309,00 €

Complete your Les Georgettes by Altesse collection with this customisable La Besace Bijou Bag (24.5 x 19 x 7 cm). This Mustard Yellow Suede bag exterior contrasts with its Cornflower interior for a statement look. The bag is combined with an interchangeable Silver Cheval chain strap, a Silver Resille decorative band (40mm) and reversible Black / White leather. The strap is interchangeable and multi-way (shoulder, cross-body or clutch).
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The exterior is made of full grain, cowhide leather. The interior is made of microfibre and leather. Magnetic clip to close the bag. Transform your must-have fashion accessory to match your outfit... or your mood! Close to tailor-made, your Les Georgettes by Altesse La Besace can be transformed time and time again with interchangeable decorative bands, reversible leather bands and you can even add a chain or leather strap too! On the front of your purse, your decorative band clips and unclips in a matter or seconds. This can be paired with the same reversible leather bands you clip into your bracelet. Your La Besace Bijou Bag will be delivered to you in a pretty gift box, along with a gift bag.