This collection of customisable handbags is reinventing classic leather handbag designs and is inspired by the delicate and feminine patterns of lace.
These handbags are laser cut with iconic patterns inspired by Les Georgettes by Altesse’s best-selling bracelet designs revealing colourful interchangeable handbag linings underneath, which you can change to match your handbag to your daily look.

In just a few seconds, create your must-have fashion accessory with our Dentelle Bag collection.
Choose from different bag formats: Clutch, Handbag, Shopper or Half-Moon, then attach your lining of choice to the inside of your bag.
Colourful or glittery, collect different bag linings to personalise your bag time and time again. 

Discover the Dentelle Bag line from Les Georgettes by Altesse. Clutch, Handbag, Shopper and Half-Moon… classic leather handbag designs are reinvented in this collection with laser cut patterns.