Combining the finest in jewellery and leather goods craftsmanship, the Bijou Bag line comes in 6 sizes, for each and every occasion: Le Portefeuille, Le Mini, Le Premier, Le Pocket, La Besace and Le Maxi.

The interchangeable decorative bands that can be clipped onto the front of your Bijou Bag accessory are created in our workshops in regional France. These decorative bands feature iconic patterns inspired by Les Georgettes by Altesse’s best-selling bracelet designs and can be combined with the same leather bands from your bracelets, creating a strong link between our jewellery and handbag collections.

Unleash your inner designer with and create your own unique Bijou Bag collection!
Begin yours by choosing your customisable handbag, your decorative band and reversible leather band, before adding your interchangeable chain or leather bag strap.

This collection of customisable bags is based on an original, exclusive and patented concept of handbags, decorative bands and interchangeable chain and leather bag straps. In just a few seconds, transform your handbag to match your outfit or your mood!