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Christmas Gift Guide 2018: Perfect gifts for that special someone

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Feeling stuck for gift ideas? Each year, we find ourselves searching high and low for that perfect present for the special someone in our lives.

This season, we’ve put together a selection of unique gifts for her, taking the legwork out of your never-ending search for a gift that they will really love.

Read on to find out more…

Here at Les Georgettes we’re all about personalisation. Because of this, our jewellery pieces make for a personal gift, whether you’re shopping for family and friends… or just looking to treat yourself!

When you can transform your jewellery time and time again with interchangeable coloured inserts, this is a gift that will remain on trend, no matter the season.

Choose from our ready-made gift sets, each with 6 different colours to always match your jewellery to your look:

Glamourous Girls will love… our Glitz & Glamour Gift Set

Add a touch of glamour to your look! Combine our best-selling Perroquet bracelet with our selection of interchangeable colours for a real statement look.

Interchangeable leather colours Multicoloured glitter / Teal; Patent red / Black; Sun / Navy Blue

Glitz & Glamour Gift Set: 137€

Chic Girls will love… our Forever Chic Gift Set

We’re all about adding some everyday sparkle to our casual, chic looks. Our Courbe bracelet, set with cubic zirconia, is the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

Interchangeable leather colours: Gold glitter / Cream; Coral / Metallic navy blue; Black / White

Forever Chic Gift Set: 153€

Classic Girls will love… our Stylishly Classic Gift Set

Looking for a piece that will go with every look? Our Ruban bracelet paired with some of our most-popular interchangeable colours is the gift for you!

Interchangeable leather colours: Light pink / Light grey; Black glitter / Red; Petrol blue / Raspberry

Stylishly Classic Gift Set: 113€

If you’re feeling creative, unleash your inner designer in our “Create your own” workshop, to create your own unique piece.

Romantic Girls will love… our Hopeless Romantic Gift Set

Forever and ever… our Infini ring comes with interchangeable colours that will never grow old. A must-have for the girly-girl in your life!

Interchangeable fluid-perspex: Light pink / Light grey; Pine / Royal blue; Cream / Gold glitter

Hopeless Romantic Gift Set: 47€

Discover our different ring designs today, and explore the endless possibilities in our new “Create your own ring” workshop!

Boho Girls will love… our Boho Beauty Gift Set

Calling lovers of all things floral! This Nénuphar necklace is made for you. With a range of interchangeable colours to choose from, you’ll be sure that your necklace always compliments your look.

Interchangeable leather colours: Black / White; Nude / Aquatic; Petrol blue / Raspberry

Boho Beauty Gift Set: 120€

Party Girls will love… our Party Girl Gift Set

Our Ibiza earrings paired with a selection of bright, fun interchangeable colours are real statement pieces – you’ll be the centre of attention at any party!

Interchangeable fluid-perspex colours: Sun / Navy blue; Blue glitter / Apricot; Orange Red / Pink Brown

Party Girl Gift Set: 107€

Which of our personalised gift sets will you be putting on your list to Santa this year?


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