Show your true colours!

Here at Les Georgettes HQ, we’ve been busy reinventing our iconic concept, with the arrival of our Pure model. This new design is sleek and linear that comes alive when paired with our new patterned leathers…. Now it’s the leather’s turn to take centre stage! Our Pure design is available as a bracelet, but also in decorative plaques for your customisable Bijou Bag or Bijou Belt.
We’re also going wild over our new patterned leather inserts! Because our jewellery pieces include coloured leather, we’ve created this new range of leather inserts, inspired by some of our most popular designs and this season’s “Jungle Graphic” theme.
The Les Georgettes for Men collection is growing with the arrival of new rings and of course, new leather and fluid-perspex inserts. Discover this collection of classic jewellery pieces for men that will elegantly highlight their unique style.
Les Georgettes for everyone! Our iconic bracelets are designed for all women and all body types. Your favourite designs are now available for smaller wrists measuring 11 to 13.5cm. And as always, our best-selling bracelets are also available in + size, for wrists measuring 17 to 20cm.

Our BijouBags

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Les Miss Georgettes

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Our Bijou Belts

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Les Georgettes for Men

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