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The sales have arrived at Les Georgettes! Save between 30% and 50% on our bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, bags, watches and leather inserts. Take advantage of this opportunity to reinvent your look, restock your jewellery box, but also - if you haven't already done so - to discover our Les Cadettes collection! A multitude of little gems are waiting for you, from as little as $10. Be quick, all our offers are for a limited time only. Grab them now, and until 8th February. In short: treat yourself!


Big discounts

Promotions... you want them, you got them! Choose what you like from a wide selection of multi-colored wonders. A host of possibilities are available to you, to suit any budget. Our colorful creations have all it takes to make you fall under their charm, and they can be personalized to your heart's desire!


Low prices

Bracelets, bangles, rings, necklaces or earrings... Jewelry from the Les Cadettes collection can be combined perfectly to give you as many options as possible. During the sales, collect your Les Cadettes pieces at a tiny price. Let the designer in you take control!

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