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Faucon is a modern update on the majestic spirit of the falcon: a symbol of protection in Egyptian mythology. This Les Georgettes necklace is part of a unique concept created in France, combining jewelry with reversible colors. Change or reverse the leather insert included in this set to match your necklace to your look. Add different leather colors to your collection to explore the endless style possibilities for your jewelry piece. This necklace will be delivered to you in a beautiful colored Les Georgettes gift box and accompanied by a gift bag.

Leather insert, Nude / Aquatic
  • Color:nude_aquatic
  • Dimension:D16 MM
  • Prescence of fluid-perspex:false
Faucon Pendant round 16 mm, Rose gold finish
  • Color:doree_rose
  • Material:Oxydes de zirconium
  • Dimension:D16 MM
Forcat chain, Rose gold finish
  • Color:doree_rose
  • Dimension:45 CM

Your Les Précieuses necklace was designed in our Paris design studio and is set by hand with cubic zirconia in our workshops in Thailand.

You can clean your necklace with a soft, dry cloth or tissue.


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