Les Georgettes x Elysée

Les Georgettes wins an invite to the Elysée Palace

We’ve got something we’ve been bursting to tell you! Les Georgettes is teaming up with the Élysée Palace
to create a unique capsule collection of 3 bracelets boldly bearing the colours of our beautiful country loud and clear.

Founded in 2015, Les Georgettes has
cultivated artisanal know-how that
has been maintained for over a century.
This prestigious collection has been
made with love through a unique
journey to the heart of the Ardèche
and Brittany regions. By promoting
Made in France values, Les Georgettes
is committed to working alongside the
Elysée Palace in order to promote the
importance of consuming French products
and defending a hundred-year-old heritage.

"This collaboration is a golden opportunity
to join forces with a unique historic
building highlighting brands that
are Made in France; a symbolic building
which has witnessed the history of
France and which represents it in
all its facets. We wanted this capsule
collection to highlight our heritage,
our know-how and our French workshops,
as well as to convey universal values
that are so dear to our brand."

Céline Guilhermet, brand creator

This capsule is inspired by both the unique architecture of the Elysée Palace and the
emblematic symbols of the Republic, as seen through these 3 complementary creations.


The imperial motifs that adorn
the Murat staircase are evocative
of plant life that Les Georgettes
loves to adopt. The graphic and
elegant design of the Palme
model echoes the architecture
and history of the palace.


The rooster crow gets a modern-day
touch, with the "cocorico" here
being created by using the symbol
of the tricolor cockade for each ring,
with each letter being drawn 
geometric shapes. A modern design
for one of France's oldest symbols.


This model embodies the Republic
with the profile of Marianne,
another symbol of France, in the
centre of the bracelet. A design
rich in symbolism that shows
both femininity and commitment.

Our Blue, White and Red Leathers

To accompany these beautiful bracelets,
3 Blue / White / Red leathers complete
this collection, without forgetting the
special Les Georgettes glitter touch.
So Frenchy! And do you know the
best part? The edge of each leather
is coloured, making it tricolour,
just like our flag!


You can find these beautiful designs exclusively in France, from 21st April 2021, at the Elysée
boutique, and also at authorised resellers, department stores, boutiques and our online store.