Girafe Sleeper Earrings

Rose Gold finish - Cornflower / Patent orange

Girafe Sleeper Earrings, Rose Gold finish - Cornflower / Patent orange

49,00 €

Girafe earrings, 16mm in a rose gold finish. These elegant and fashionable earrings are combined with a pair of reversible fluid-perspex inserts, so you can choose between their Cornflower or Patent orange side to match your outfit... or your mood! 

Patent Orange / Cornflower

The back of these earrings are engraved with the Les Georgettes logo and will be delivered to you in a beautiful coloured box along with a gift bag. Your Les Georgettes jewellery is created in France and provides you with endless possibilities to mix, match and colour your very own creation. Change or reverse the fluid-perspex insert easily. Add and collect as many fluid-perspex inserts as your heart desires to explore the endless style possibilities for your pair of earrings.

FinishRose gold
Interchangeable ColourPatent Orange / Cornflower
Taille boucles d'oreilles16mm